Seeing the Pathway to Employment Project

Open Sight have been successful in securing funding from the Solent Community Grants Programme for this project.

The 12 month project involves working with 10 visually impaired (or dual sensory loss) participants who are currently unemployed or who are not currently looking for work (inactive) and through a series of interventions to endeavor to move these individuals closer to the employment marketplace.

  • This project is funded from the Solent Community Grants Programme, the European Social Fund, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Foundation donors, Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council and is administered by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation.
  • The Solent Community Grants Programme essentially is looking to increase the prospects of those unemployed and economically inactive individuals who may be facing complex barriers to employment who live in the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area.

Often people who become visually impaired also become isolated, they can lose confidence in themselves and what they have to offer to potential employers and the wider community in which they live.
The aim of the Open Sight Seeing the Pathway to Employment Project is to try and address this specific area and through a suite of interventions to help those participants to recognise the skills and value they have to offer and see a pathway to begin thinking about returning to work and searching for a job, or find work in a supportive environment as a volunteer or learn a new skill, or undertake further education or training with a view to returning to work, perhaps for the first time.

The programme offers participants:

  • 10 individual interventions consisting of 3 one-to-one meetings with an assigned caseworker
  • 4 interventions with a trained Qualified Reablement Officer to build confidence with the participant as required and then undertake a series of journeys along the pathway to employment
  • 3 further interventions with an Open Sight registered volunteer to undertake 3 of the same journeys above as appropriate.
  • Each participant will receive on average up to 20 hours of professional intervention over a period of some 4-6 months (will vary on a case by case basis)
  • as well as on-going telephone support throughout that period.

The programme and interventions will focus on:

  • confidence¬† building
  • motivation
  • social integration
  • personal development
  • goals to allow participants to move closer to the employment marketplace or further education and up-skilling.

Additionally, as appropriate, Open Sight can engage with   employers about potential adjustments in the workplace, help to identify government grants and other sources of funding to pay for any new resources required.

The project is open to:

  • all visual impaired (or dual sensory loss) people
  • aged 18 to 60
  • unemployed (looking for work) or inactive (not looking for work)
  • living in the area of Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Havant and Hayling Island.

There must be a commitment from each participant to not only join the project but actively work with Open Sight, achieve their goals to their best ability and finish the programme.

To find out more about this exciting project, please contact us here at Open Sight:

Jane Beesley, Project Manager
Telephone 023 8064 1244


Main Open Sight Office:
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