Our History

For many years our charity was called Hampshire Association for the Care Of the Blind (HACB) and many of our long standing volunteers and users will have fond memories of all the associations with that name.

However in 2007 we conducted a survey of our users and supporters and the overwhelming view was that, in the light of changing views on sight loss, on disability and on terminology, this name was no longer what we wanted to be known as.

We asked for ideas and Open Sight was born!


Commemorating 90 years of Open Sight!

As part of our celebrations the Vision of the Past project is recording the life reminiscences of some of our users and volunteers and setting this in the context of our long history. We will be launching this publication, including a book, CD and film, in Spring 2013.

For those of you who have travelled with us on some of this 90 year journey from HACB to Open Sight, this history will provide you with many memories and a lot of information about all the things this charity has achieved over the years, not to mention some fascinating individual stories.