Legacy Gives Life

Open Sight rely upon legacy to advance the work that we do. With NO statutory funding available, and with less and less services being available through lack of funding and through Government organisations, Open Sight still strive to deliver services for the people of Hampshire.

We admire, respect and support all of the national charities that work to find cure for eye disease. However, as a local charity, we will ensure that your legacy, your gift, your donation goes straight to supporting the work we carry out across Hampshire amongst the young and elderly who have visual impairment. The importance of these donation cannot be overstated enough. Without them, visually impaired people in your community will not have the same opportunities as they do with our support.

Some of the Testimonials we have received include “Thanks to the legacy someone gave Open Sight, my children’s sight has not deteriorated, in fact has been improved by the advice we were given” and “Thanks to Open Sight’s Independent Living Advisor, I can read for the first time in 35 years”. Both of these are true, and it could be said about you or someone that you may know.

For the future, please think local legacy, and how you may be able to benefit all future recipients.

For further information about legacies, please call us on 02380 641 244 or go to the Contact Us page.

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