Read some of the feedback we get from the people we help.



“Hello Jenny
Thanks to your hard work and the kindness of Open Sight here is the new buggy, Oscar loves it and makes live much easier!”  From Peter R.


“It is never too late to give thanks and good feedback but it is nevertheless almost a full month since Open Sight held its Information Day in Bordon. What  a very happy and beneficial day it was! All those smiling, helpful, patient people eager to benefit us by their knowledge. I had long awaited a near to home venue – the wait was well worthwhile. Not just advice given (and acted upon!) but being made aware what is available if not required currently but in future days.
I renew my appreciation and thanks. How very glad I am to have you all to turn to.”
Mrs P from Liss

“I am very grateful for Jackie Smith’s assistance in my  application for Attendance Allowance which was granted, and is of great help.
I would  also like to thank Janet Soper for all the help she gave me in dealing with my Macular Degeneration and subsequent loss of vision.” Mrs J from Havant

“I am very much indebted to Open Sight and particularly to Jackie Smith for her invaluable assistance in government form-filling, I thought at one point she was writing my biography! It did turn out to be a best seller so I would like to make a small donation in appreciation of your good works.” Mr. D. from Southampton

“If it wasn’t for Open Sight, I would not have had any sort of holiday as I didn’t believe I would be able to do this unaided. Having an Open Sight representative was very helpful and reassuring although of course, I was able to take care of myself and my needs. I was very impressed with the careful choice of Hotel and the location of our holiday but the overwhelming advantage of travelling with the Open Sight group was meeting people with whom you had immediately something in common.” Mrs. H. from Eastleigh (on return from Open Sight holiday to Sidmouth)

“We heard on 18 August that he has been awarded attendance allowance.   He is really pleased because he didn’t think he stood much of a chance.   Thank you for all your work on his behalf, you made it so quick and easy for us.   Your help was invaluable. On the strength of the allowance he has had the Dolphin Guide trial downloaded onto his laptop and he is awaiting tuition from a local  RNIB volunteer. Our gratitude to you, Jackie and to Open Sight. Kind regards”  From Mr  & Mrs F in Ringwood

“Thank you for your letter regarding the re-ablement service I received.
May I take the opportunity of thanking you and all your staff for all their help, advice and training for which I am most grateful. Please pass this on to everyone in the team.” Mrs R from Tadley.

“Thank you.  The second hand ‘Easy Reader’ that I got from your resources team is already making such a huge difference to me.” Pamela from Basingstoke

“Dear Jackie, Very many thanks for all you have done for me and to Open Sight generally for helping so many people with visual difficulties. Your organisation is so good and valued. I am pleased to send you a donation as a mark of my own appreciation. Many thanks once again. Jeff of Warsash”

“My mother and I would like to thank the team for all the help they have given to help my mum live an independent life. It’s not easy for her now that dad has died – he was her “eyes.” Nevertheless she is trying to cope and with your help and the gadgets provided will make a huge difference – being blind is not easy – probably the hardest disability I think. Again, thank you. I think we have an outcome thank goodness! Service user

“Thank you so much for your hard work on the morning. It was a great success that has left the children with a better awareness about visual impairment and a desire to learn and understand more. We can build from here and continue to develop their appreciation and skills in including children with VI at Kings Copse.” Kings Copse School

“I have benefitted so much by the help and advice given – marvelous   Also supply of helpful equipment – the telling both has been of huge pleasure.  Thanks to everyone on the team and I know where to contact for any further help.” Service user

“A short note to say thank you very much for the family fun day today – we had a lovely time.  Thank you so much to you and the others who organised it!  We look forward to future events!”  Parent of children attending our Family day.

“Thanks for your kind advice. I really do know that I have neglected my health, but it has been very hard for me to go into doctors and hospitals and I have even had panic attacks over it all. But your kindness has made me see things very differently, and these few days away have also helped me to rationalise life again.” Service User

“I wanted to say a big thank you for arranging Claire to come round to see Hardeep. She is a lovely lady and over the weeks she has got to know what Hardeep is like, and get used to his cheeky behaviour! She is very understanding and tries to come up with ideas of what Hardeep may be able to do. This service you provide is excellent and I hope it continues to help others particularly those who are isolated. “I think you are all doing an excellent job. It takes patience to do this work.” Parent of a service user.

“I can understand that you have a waiting list, it is a brilliant service and there are many people who benefit greatly.” Eastleigh Social Worker

“You haven’t made my day coming today, you have made my year.” Service user to the Independant Living Team

“Cheered me up a great deal, no longer lonely though living alone, restored my confidence.” Service user to the Independant Living Team

“There’s only one word I can say ‘Thank you’ – you make my day. No one can replace you because I enjoy every minute you are here.” Service user to the Independant Living Team

“Thank you for speaking at the Disability Forum. You made an extremely valuable contribution to the programme and I am pleased that you also found it helpful in raising awareness of Open Sight. It was very kind of you to give up your time which was very much appreciated by everyone who attended.” Hampshire Constabulary