Sight awareness training

All of our courses are designed to raise awareness of the barriers faced by people with sight loss and to help develop an understanding of how to manage these.  Our courses aim to give participants a greater understanding of the issues surrounding sight loss and provide practical advice and information on communication.

Schools and Colleges

12% of children enter full time education with an undetected sight problem. At Open Sight we recognise the importance of informing and educating everyone from young children to adults about looking after their eyes.

We regularly work with schools to provide assemblies and workshops to help students learn how to take care of their eyes and become more aware of how sight loss affects people in their communities. Our interactive workshops are based around games and are a lot of fun

“Thank you so much for your hard work on the morning. It was a great success that has left the children with a better awareness about visual impairment and a desire to learn and understand more. We can build from here and continue to develop their appreciation and skills in including children with VI at Kings Copse.” – R Hicks, Kings Copse School

Sight Awareness courses for carers and professionals

Our trainers can offer reasonably priced comprehensive courses for professionals, carers, care homes/agency staff and volunteers involved with people who have sight loss. We can offer a short awareness talk, or more formal in-depth interactive courses, which meet the requirements of the Care Act 2014. Our courses can include all or a range of topics which can be tailored to your requirements as follows:

  • The common causes of sight loss.
  • The functional impact of sight loss upon a person’s daily life including psychological and social issues.
  • How blind and partially sighted people get around, information about the different types of white cane and when to offer assistance.
  • How to guide someone with a sight loss including a practical demonstration.
  • Information about aids and equipment that can help visually impaired people.
  • The impact of sight loss upon people living with Dementia.
  • Working with people who have a dual sensory loss or other disabilities
  • Information on services available to support people with sight loss.

Feedback on our courses has shown that  participants gained increased confidence in their ability to guide a person with sight loss.

“I found the update on some eye conditions, the simulation glasses and the sighted guiding very helpful.  These will help a lot for day to day to empathise with people more on a practical level.”

“I really enjoyed the course, especially the practical exercises which gave me a real insight into the issues faced by people with sight loss.”

Keeping your eyes right (KYER)

KYER stands for ‘Keeping Your Eyes Right’ which is a presentation especially devised and written for social and community groups.

The KYER talk considers the true meaning of ‘blind’, why someone may be visually impaired with explanations of the 4 most common causes of sight loss and, most importantly, simple lifestyle choices attendees can adopt to give their eye health care the best consideration.

To cover cost there is a small charge for this presentation.

If you would like to know more about any of our training courses please contact us for further details email or contact:

For Schools & Colleges please contact Terry Smith, Community Services Manager or for all other training please contact Debbie Ross: 023 80 641 244.