Cooking after sight loss

Many visually impaired people give up cooking after losing their sight due to losing confidence or because of the fear of cutting or burning themselves. Some have never learnt to cook, because a spouse; partner or family member has always done this for them. Although some training and advice is provided by the Hampshire County Council sensory services team, this may have been some time ago or the visually impaired person’s circumstances have changed.

Here at Open Sight we are looking for feedback from anyone might be interested in attending a short cookery skills course or can put forwards any ideas on what this could include. For example a course could either be to help you to regain your confidence in the kitchen, learn how to cook and prepare simple meals or learn how to prepare and cook new dishes.

Attending a course could also enable you share information with others about ways of overcoming difficulties in the kitchen, learn more about useful gadgets such as talking kitchen scales, microwave ovens and about safe techniques for cutting, peeling and chopping.

If you would like to express your interest or you have any suggestions  then please contact Janet Soper – Rehabilitation Officer on 023 8064 1244 or mail