Benefits advice

If you are registered as sight impaired or severe sight impaired it may mean that you have extra costs that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. For example, the cost of specialist equipment,  or regular taxi journeys required to get around. You may need to pay someone to do your gardening or help in the home with cleaning.

Many will qualify to claim either Attendance Allowance (if over 65) or Disability Living Allowance to help with these extra costs. The claim forms for these benefits are large and very daunting for those who are unfamiliar with them.

Our Independent Living Advisors can bring a form with them to your own home and guide you through the process and help you to apply. If necessary they can support people before a tribunal should any application be unsuccessful in the first instance.

Registration may entitle you to apply for other benefits or allowances. For example, if you are a taxpayer you may be entitled to the Blind Person’s Tax Allowance or other benefits we can advise you on.

If you wish to travel by train on a regular basis the Disabled Person’s Rail Card may be to your advantage. This enables you to get a reduced ticket at any time you travel and the person with you will get the same reduced fare.

People with low vision would struggle even when using a good reading aid to find the appropriate phone number and dial it in the directory, so for people who are registered they can apply for free directory enquiries.

For people who need certain expensive items of equipment which is beyond their means our Advisors may be able to help with a small grant. Open Sight can work with other grant giving agencies to hopefully get what you need.

For working people our Advisors can inform you of the Access to Work scheme. They can tell you what it means and how it works.

Benefits advice can be given over the phone or during a home visit.